• Long-Term Training and Management

    Our experience applications teams are dedicated to provide operation courses for gaining practical operating experiences, depth knowledge and specialized techniques to operate the medical equipment with confidence while helping to achieve the best clinical results!
  • About Us

    Growing out of more than 20 years experience in medical systems research and development, ElsMed Health Care Solutions leads the way for the most cost effective hospital building and equipping projects worldwide.
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  • Why Choose ElsMed

    ElsMed Ltd. is recognized worldwide for their clinical knowledge, excellence, and high reliability. We offering refurbished, fully tested pre-owned diagnostic equipment no matter the destination
  • Highest Quality Standards

    Quality Assurance according to the highest standards
    ISO 9001:2000 Quality management system standards ISO 13485:2003 Quality management systems for Medical devices
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  • Turn Key Project Planning

    The most advanced and superior Turn-Key projects known in the world today are being offered exclusively by Elsmed International Health Care Solutions. We offer the customers our exclusive philosophy - a tailor made solution with one source for everything.

Professionalism in Turn-Key Projects

ElsMed Health Care Solutions offers the whole chain of designing, building and equipping hospitals and other medical healthcares. Depending on the client's requirements, ElsMed Health Care Solutions provides a range of services- from the initial consultation and evaluation to the supplying and installing of medical equipment/ supplies with on going service and parts support.

ElsMed Health Care Solutions is your partner for the future!